David Zimmerly

Below is information about our eBook that tells the story of our voyage out the St Lawrence River and along the Labrador coast to Baffin Island in the mid 1980s. Part of the pleasure in writing and designing it was remembering the warmth of our welcome whenever we came ashore and the awesome scenery of that rugged coastline as we travelled ever further north.

It is more than 170 pages and has over 90 photos and charts, some hyperlinks and video. It is a PDF, the format most everyone can read on their laptop or desktop computer screen. It is not meant to be read on a Kobo or Kindle type reader.

You can see a Table of Contents, a sample chapter, pricing and instructions for purchase by clicking the link: Click here

As an anthropologist and world traveler, I have used my camera to record cultures from the Arctic to Africa, from India to Peru. I enjoy creating informal portraits of interesting people that I see - on the street, at work, at play. Landscape and nature photography are other passions of mine, whether in the exotic Gal√°pagos or near home. 
Contact: Email or phone 613-267-5222 in Perth, Ontario, Canada